MamaHub is the ‘Hub’ for mums.
A place for mums to come to relax, build friendships and learn a
wealth of knowledge from our baby care and women’s well-being experts

Through a series of courses and workshops we aim to bring mums together, provide information to help guide them through the different stages of motherhood and in turn grow their confidence as parents. MamaHub is all about providing a place that is warm, welcoming and friendly for our mums to find connections and support with
others that are on similar paths.

Currently offering online, in person, 1:1 and group pre and post natal support, including KG hypnobirthing classes, postnatal course and 'Mamas Meetups', which bring mums together socially.



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Hi, I'm Laura!

I’m a Hertford mum of two, massively passionate about providing a space for mums that is warm, welcoming and friendly. Somewhere that mums can go to make friends, find support, learn from each other and grow in confidence as parents.


MamaHub is a place for mums. Whether you are pregnant, have recently had a baby or are facing new challenges with a toddler, MamaHub has created a series of courses and workshops to cater for different stages of motherhood.


Our main aim is to bring mums together in a warm, friendly and welcoming environment to help build friendships. Whether you are new to the area or would like to make friends with mums on a
similar path with similar age children, MamaHub can help to provide that.

With our team of experts, we aim to provide invaluable information and advice on a series of topics all delivered in a relaxed, informal and open space, where our mums can feel supported and free to
share the highs and lows of parenting without judgement.


Lorna, Fitness Expert

Marika, Sing and Sign Expert

Selina, Nutritionist

Lorna is a local mum of two who has turned her passion for health and fitness into her full-time job as a fitness instructor, offering a variety of classes in Hertford and Ware.

'Sing and Sign’ has been developed with speech and language therapists and uses
music and signing together to enhance communication with baby.

Selina is a student nutritionist, studying her passion for food and healthy eating, which she discovered after having her children,
when she realised her diet was contributing to her mental wellbeing and she wanted to change her habits.


Please note that the online sessions can either be booked individually or are all included as part of the ONLINE - 5 Week - Postnatal Course 

ONLINE Postnatal Nutrition Expert Led Talk
Online event via Zoom
MamaHub and Soka Food Buggy Brunch
Sold Out
KG Hypnobirthing Course


The Mill House, Hertford, SG13 7JY

The Mill House is located on the Dicker Mill Estate next to the River Lea in Hertford. It's a 10 minute walk from the town centre or 5 minutes from Hertford East train station. 

There is free parking.

Facilities include accessible toilet, kitchenette and baby changing. 


"Relevant sessions, informal and relaxed environment and great to have something to do during lockdown, even online"

- Kelsey, Postnatal Course Online

"Laura was fantastic at facilitating the sessions and created a safe, welcoming atmosphere" - Katherine, Postnatal Course Online.

"Laura is fantastic and knows exactly what new mums need, she provided experts with great advice for us and encouraged lots of social meet ups too"

- Rose, Postnatal Course Online

"The fact there was a specialist each week who was able to answer individual questions and provide us with resources we could use after such as names of other professionals or websites"

- Katie, Postnatal Course Online