There seemed so much learn, so many questions and I lacked confidence in everything. I thought I would sail into motherhood but it was quite the opposite. I needed support. I didn’t think I was the type of person to go along and enjoy baby groups but I quickly realised that these were my lifelines. I found others that were experiencing exactly the same things and suddenly things seemed so much easier.  I made friends with people that will forever be in my life and without realising it they built my confidence as a parent. 

After having my first child I felt relatively lonely and massively overwhelmed. My husband went back to work quickly and I was left thinking – what now?! 


...We are so passionate about offering this opportunity to others.


Giving mums a space that they can come and feel comfortable to share those highs and lows. Somewhere that is friendly and welcoming, where we offer support and advice through carefully selected local baby care and women’s well-being experts. Above all somewhere to build friendships with those experiencing the same. And there will always be a hot supply of tea and coffee with plenty of cake!