MamaHub provides mums with access to a team of baby care and women’s well-being experts who are all specialists in their own fields and full of experience and knowledge. Through a series of courses and workshops, by sharing their expertise on a range of topics relevant to different ages and stages of motherhood, our experts help our mums to learn and grow in confidence.

Lorna Catchpole, Postnatal Fitness

Lorna is a full-time fitness instructor, offering a variety of classes in Hertford and Ware. She is qualified in postnatal fitness and runs a session providing information and guidance on returning to (or introducing) fitness after little ones have arrived. This includes a gentle practical element focussed on pelvic floor and core connection with some optional band work, which (re)introduces light exercises to our mums in a safe way. Lorna promotes healthy fitness goals for all fitness levels and the benefits of fitness for physical and mental well-being.

Marika, Sing and Sign Expert

Marika is an amazing 'Sing and Sign' teacher for East Herts and Harlow. ‘Sing and Sign’ has been developed with speech and language therapists and uses music and signing together to enhance communication with baby. With gentle music and repetition 'Sing and Sign' really helps baby to understand more words from early on, which reduces that frustration that babies and parents may feel when they can't understand each other. Marika delivers a fun and engaging session, providing new mums with a great introduction to a local baby class that can be enjoyed together with baby.

Selina Patel, Student Nutritionist

Selina is a student nutritionist, studying her passion for food and healthy eating. Through the support of her mentor, Selina presents advice on good food options to help boost energy, suggests food groups that are beneficial if breast feeding and provides realistic ideas for quick meals and healthy snacking.

Judy Bunney, Women's Health Physio

Judy is a qualified physiotherapist, working for a number of years and specialising in women’s health. She provides an educational session full of information on the physical symptoms that are common after having a baby, including bringing awareness to issues relating to the pelvic floor or tummy separation and provides vital information and advice on safe postnatal recovery.

Maria Murphy, 'Baby Sleep The Night" Sleep Specialist

Maria is a certified ‘Baby Sleep the Night’ consultant who found her calling and changed her career path after experiencing sleep issues with her daughter and the negative impacts of such on her general well-being and family life; deciding then that she wanted to help support others experiencing the same. Sleep is always a hot topic when it comes to newborns. With so many questions, Maria shares her own first-hand experience, helps to answer some of those common questions and provides her wealth of knowledge and advice on good sleep practice.

Hannah Allsop, 'Daisy First Aid' Instructor

Hannah is the owner and one of the trainers for Daisy First Aid Mid Hertfordshire. She has 15 years'   experience in teaching and training and is qualified in Paediatric First Aid. Hannah has a passion for providing parents with first aid knowledge and confidence to deal with accidents if they were to occur. As part of our 7 Week Postnatal Course, Hannah delivers a ‘Baby Basics’ first aid session covering a number of important areas in first aid including choking, baby recovery positions, seizures, meningitis, sepsis and baby CPR. 

Hannah Tiffen, Well-being Therapist

Hannah is a qualified member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, offering therapy to adults and young people. Hannah joins our 7-week postnatal course to offer a session focused on the emotions we experience after having a baby, helping to normalise and rationalise them.  A range of areas including postnatal anxiety, feelings of guilt, parenting expectations versus reality and changes in relationships which can occur will all be covered. We will also consider attachment styles in children.

Emma Morgan, Cherry Pie Makes

Emma of ‘Cherry Pie Makes’ will be running a series of creative workshops to offer our mums the opportunity to create something beautiful, bespoke and personalised for baby’s nursery, child's room or playroom.